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Friday, 3 January 2014

Direct effect of nutrition on weight loss

Good nutrition plays a vital role for successful weight loss and for healthier life. Numerous beneficial aspects of good nutrition include: cholesterol improvement, decrease in blood pressure, and alleviation in overall energy level of the body. People often experience the outcomes of fad diets in the form of unhealthy weight gain or weight loss. Under the influence of the experts’ suggestions, people often tend to eliminate certain food groups from their diet while others keep taking excessive vitamins. But ultimately, such people find no result and nothing instead of disappointment. A sound nutrition practices and physical activities can only be achieved by opting for the sensible weight loss and management program. If you really desire a healthier lifestyle, you need to ensure a passable nutrition and a sensible balanced diet. 

Different types of nutrition along with their balance and moderation is an important principle of proper nutrition intake. You all must know about the five major groups to be included in the balanced diet. The variety of nutrition that you normally intake should be from all the five major food groups. It is imperative to note that a single food cannot fulfil all the requirements of your body. If eaten in a pertinent amount, a balanced diet will be able to provide the nutrition and calories the body requires. Hence, depriving your favourite food is not the solution, but restraining certain foods is a key to successful weight loss.
In order to opt for a weight loss program, you need to follow the following guidelines.
  • First of all you need to set your aim of achieving a particular amount of weight loss.
  • Keep a track on your eating habits for a week or two, by observing how much are you eating, your mood while you eat, where and what do you eat etc.
  • You need to reduce your calorie intake in order to get best results. Starving is not the solution. Instead of starving, try eating the foods that have lesser calories.
  • Plan your meals in such a way that you get nutrition from all the major food groups.
  • While consuming any food product, always have a look on the Nutrition Facts Food Labels. See the amount of fats, carbohydrates and sodium they have. Opt for those that have lesser fats in them.
  • A diet richer in fiber is the best way to reduce weight.
  • Drink a plenty of water (around 8 to 10) glasses of water every day
  • Consumption of alcohol should be avoided as it gives you empty calories.
  • Protein diet is necessary to reduce weight.
You are sure to achieve tremendous benefits once you start taking good amount of nutrition. Apart from losing weight, you will start realizing the increase in energy level of your body. You will regain your lost self-esteem back and of course your overall appearance will start reflecting your diet.
So try to do something great for yourself by recuperating your eating habits. The faster the better!
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