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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Effects of whey protein on the body

Whey Proteins have a holistic effect on the growth of muscles, due to its branched chain amino acid (BCAA) molecular structure. Moreover, they have altogether a different impact on the body when taken pre or post a proper workout session.

Pre-Workout Effects-

If you are a regular Gymmer, Whey Protein should be taken at-least thirty minuets before starting your workout session. Moreover, the quantity in which this form of protein is to be consumed also plays an important role in determining the fate of your exercising results. It is advised that normally one should take whey protein between 25-35 grams, as a pre- workout dose for seeking desirable and sustainable results.

Post-Workout Effects-

As a dietary plan, after completing a workout session; the intake quantity of Whey Protein should be between 30- 50 grams, and should be preferably taken with a mixture of carbohydrates ie; (60-100 grams). Since Whey Proteins get quickly absorbed by the body, they are supposed to be a wise choice as a natural supplement, for Sports Persons, Athletes, and Body Builders.

A number of online stores today are offering Whey Protein. However, with the abundance in the manufacturing companies, producing Whey Protein supplements, it often becomes a challenge to determine which product or company to go in for?

It is a fact that with the increasing consciousness and awareness amongst people to stay in shape, the consumption of dietary supplements like Whey Proteins; has increased tremendously over the last ten years. Likewise, a number of Pharmaceutical Companies have started manufacturing these supplements, as their most important product. Where most of these dietary supplements talk about offering a complete solution for body building, gymming etc, most of them actually have just as equal side-effects on the body.

Friday, 13 December 2013

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Health Fitness Nutrition Supplement

Whey Protein:-Protein is mandatory nutrient for human body because it is responsible for numer function like building muscles, tissues and cells. So without it our body would lack important nutrient necessary for muscles.

Milk contained two types of protein one is casein and second is whey. Protein is a collection of amino acids and many essential amino acids find in whey. Whey Protein is the type of protein that contained in the whey, when we extract the watery portion of milk from the curds.
It is recommended as a complete protein diet which is very important for athletes, body builders, weight lifters and person who has low immunity system. Due to its highest biological properties it is helpful in muscles recovery, lean muscles and growth of muscles. Whey protein is one of the essential absorbed forms of protein that is necessary for human body even higher than other food like fish, chicken, beef and soya.

Types of WheyProtein:-There are three types of whey protein:-

       Whey Protein Concentrate
       Whey Protein Isolate
       Whey Protein hydrolysate

1. Whey Protein Concentrate:-It is most common supplement which is used to maximize the muscles growth and to make the muscles strengthen as comparison to other products. It contains low level of cholesterol, lactose and fats.WPC contains 30 to 90 % protein .WPC are created by using the filters that allow the small particles to pass through it, big particles are collected to make the protein powder.

2. Whey Protein Isolate:-Whey protein Isolate consist up to 90% of protein and it removes most of the fats and lactose from the protein.WPI have very low level of carbohydrate, fates and cholesterol. It is created by filtering milk protein.

3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate:-Hydrolysates are created by the hydrolysis of protein.WPC and WPI both are the fast digestive protein but WPH are little bit faster than these two. So WPH also known as a pre digestive form of whey protein.

Benefits of Whey Protein:- Person's life is very busy nowadays. Due to much adversity they don’t have time for exercise. It is no way to find healthy food .As we know that no supplement can take place of healthy, pure nutrient and unprocessed food diet but if we take whey protein in our diet then it almost fulfill the need of protein in our body.

 So some benefits of high quality whey protein are:-

1. It is helpful to reduce weight.
2. Increase the functioning of immunity system means reduce the risk of diseases.
3. WPC contains the anti-cancer properties.
4. It is used as a post exercise shake which is helpful to repair muscles.
5. It is easily digested because of it is highly bioavailability property.
6. It is helpful to reduce the HIV symptoms.
7. Decrease the high cholesterol.
8. Increase the insulin sensitivity.
9. It increases the level of glutathione in blood.
10. Very much responsive for asthma patients.